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Artist's Statement

I make images to make sense of the make sense of life and death, pain and suffering, joy and ecstasy. It's not something I seek. I learned that it just happens. Somewhere during the act of creation, my thoughts stop, my mind becomes still, I feel the fullness of the moment, and a sense of surrender takes over. Within this surrender, there is clarity and, somehow, things make sense. That's why I make images. It just makes everything right.


Born in Wisconsin, my family moved to southern California when I was six, and I lived there through my mid-twenties. I then spent about ten years in northern Indiana before settling in Maine.

I began studying and practicing photography in mid-life. Never having taken cameras very seriously before, things changed when I acquired a camera to take photographs of the magnificent world around my camp in northern Maine. I quickly discovered that a camera gave me much more than pictures. I learned that my camera is a tool for seeing. With camera in hand, I look at the world more attentively. I quite literally see things I had never seen before. My camera brought me a whole new world . . . in some ways, a whole new life.

My photographic training has mainly been completed at the world-renowned Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, Maine. There I have studied with Jan Rosenbaum, Shannon Ayres, Terry Abram, and Doug Beasley.

In 2011 I left my career in education, having completed nineteen years as Registrar and Director of Institutional Research at Bowdoin College. I founded Shanti Arts LLC to support and promote interests related to art, nature, and spirit. Shanti Arts publishes a quarterly magazine, Still Point Arts Quarterly; each issue includes art as well as articles, essays, fiction, and poetry. Shanti Arts also publishes a wide variety of books—fiction, non-fiction, art, poetry (Shanti Arts Publishing). I also direct Still Point Art Gallery, a virtual gallery that opened its first exhibition in April of 2009. With its enthusiastic and personal approach to exhibiting art and promoting artists, the Gallery has become one of the premier virtual art galleries of its type.

My husband David and I live in Brunswick, Maine, and we spend as much time as possible in northern Maine at our camp on Upper Shin Pond.


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